About Us Louisville KY

About Our Private Investigator Agency

Truth Investigations was created by a retired police officer from here in Louisville, KY. After serving the community of Louisville, KY it was realized that a need exists for situations where law enforcement is restricted by time constraints and departmental policy.  Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive and thorough investigations. Prompt turnaround, quality investigations, and continuing communication make Truth Investigations the benchmark for excellence in security and investigations.

Our Investigator is currently involved in:

  • Subpoena Services
  • Workman’s Compensation Claims
  • Unfaithful Spouse
  • Location Services (Missing Persons)
  • Surveillance
  • Insurance Claims
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support Collection
  • Background Checks
  • Trial Preparation
  • Garnishee Order
  • Small Claims
  • Supplemental Order
  • Summonses
  • Complaints
  • Criminal Record Search


Truth Investigations is completely confidential.